The Game-Winning Guide to Shattering Expectations and Beating the System, While Earning a 4.0

Written by Malte Kramer, an NCAA Division I Basketball Player who graduated with a 4.0 GPA to become the Valedictorian of Pepperdine University before starting two companies.

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Your Brain on Steroids

This book contains the powerful strategies, surprising shortcuts and little-known tools that helped a student athlete become Valedictorian.

Get Straight A's
Written using the advice from Olympians, Academic-All Americans, and business leaders, this book provides the most comprehensive success manual for student athletes.
Develop Vision & Inspiration
Build a future and accelerate your career beyond athletics by developing a vision for your life and the mindset to make it a reality.
As a student athlete you are 25% more likely than a regular student to end up unemployed after your four years of college. In order to excel in life you need to learn to play the system instead of letting it play you.
Put Your Brain on Steroids
Double your memory and increase reading speed by up to 400%. Become the person that never seems to study but always gets straight A's.

Play For Something

This is the most comprehensive book ever written for student athletes. It covers everything, from study strategies to productivity theory, from memory mastery to effective writing strategies, from homesickness to networking.


Mindset & Motivation

Develop a superior mindset, find a personal why, and read the inspiring stories of some of the top 1% of student athletes.


Knowledge & Systems

Get the keys to life balance, productivity boosting, character building, effective networking, and a strong support system.


Tips & Techniques

Get practical, no-nonsense Valedictorian know-how including master memory, speed-reading, essay-writing, and research.

What Others Are Saying

Doug Christie

In Play For Something, Malte Kramer has nailed it right on the head! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST-READ for any student-athlete in high school or college (and pros for that matter).

Brendan Lane

Malte truly has the system down. With his foundation, I was able to excel in my masters degree earning a 3.55 GPA while still succeeding on the court.

Mark Amaral

Malte truly exemplifies what it means to be a student athlete and provides an excellent blue print on how to balance life, school, and sports while striving for competitive greatness in all you do. I have never coached a more prepared, organized, and genuinely sincere student athlete as I did in Malte and you will feel that as well after reading this book.

Niko Skouen

I don't think there's a better person to teach about student athlete success than Malte. He's received every award there is. I wish this book existed when I was a freshman.

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About The Author

Athlete, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Game-Changer.

Malte Kramer

Malte Kramer is a student-athlete turned serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He’s the founder and CEO of multiple companies including GIVVR, a unique fundraising and awareness platform for nonprofits, and Luxury Presence, a real estate technology company whose clients include some of the world’s most successful real estate agents.

Born in Germany, Malte came to the United States in 2010 to realize his childhood dream of playing college basketball. After two years at Cuesta College, he was recruited by Pepperdine University to play basketball on a full scholarship. In 2014, he graduated as the valedictorian of his class with a 4.0 GPA, earning multiple honors, including Academic All-American, WCC Scholar Athlete, and Pepperdine Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

Malte frequently speaks at colleges and conferences and has been featured on various radio shows and podcasts like “Business Rockstars.”

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